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Level III: Advanced, Sen Line Therapies

Just 1 - 2 spots left in this semi-private small class of 2-4 students, over 7 days, earning 42 THAI and NCBTMB CES, as you deepen your understanding of the 10 major Sen lines used in Thai Massage. You will learn the medical perspective underlying the bodywork movements, new one-hour treatment routines addressing each Sen, new stretches, and real life therapeutic applications to tailor your sessions to specific client needs. This intensive class will dissolve the confusion around sen lines and help you compare them to other disciplines, such as meridians, nadis, and fascial planes. As in all of Rose’s classes, this material is taught with a multi-discipline approach to help you really ‘get’ what the sen are about, in a relaxed casual setting that fosters individual learning. Expect a deep shift in your practice.

Prerequisites: Because this class builds on your existing knowledge of thai massage, attendees must have previous thai massage training, with the ability to comfortably perform a 90minute floor session using at least 3 of the 4 positions of Front, Side, Back, and Seated. If you have any questions about being ready for this class, please email the instructor at

Cost is $1000. See details on the storefront page during check out.

If you have taken this class with ITM-USA in the past and want to repeat it, the cost is $100/day for a total of $700 for the entire week and 42CEs. See the link for REPEATING STUDENTS.
If you have taken this class with ITM-USA in the past and want to attend only SINGLE DAYS, the cost is $100 for each day. It is important you let us know at registration WHICH DAYS you want to attend (ie, Mon and Thur) and WHICH SEN THERAPIES (ie Ittha/Pingkhala) you want to repeat. Tentative schedule: Mon- Sen Overview, Tue- Sen Sumana, Wed- Sen Ittha/Pingkhala, Thu- Sen Kalathari, Fri- Sen Sahatsarangsi/Thawari, Sat- Sen Lawusang/Ulangka, Sun Review. To register at these reduced rates, please make sure there is space available by first contacting Rose directly at or 609-839-7880, then use the PRIVATE CLASS DEPOSIT link to sign up.