Intermediate Classes

These classes are designed for students who have taken some beginning classes in thai massage and want to continue their training, although students who are exceptionally committed to thai massage may choose to start with an intermediate level class. Depending on which class and format you choose, you'll earn a Certification in traditional thai yoga massage, treating the whole body for a 90 minute session. 

All types of practitioners are welcome: massage therapists, yoga teachers, personal trainers, physical therapists, and lay people with a good touch and a desire to experience this ancient healing therapy. Give and get great bodywork, refine your touch, earn CEs, and enjoy exploring thai massage.

Level I & II Classes

Intermediate Level I & II classes are offered in a variety of formats to meet student’s different needs for CEs, time commitments, cost, and preferred style of learning. Look for these trainings on our Calendar page as: Level I: Front Position, Level II: Side/Back/Sitting Positions, Levels I & II: Condensed Spa Training, weekend or week-long trainings, shorter 35 hour trainings, or each Position by itself (such as a day of just Side Position). We also offer 1 and 2 day Review classes covering each of the four positions.

Class begins with wai khru, the traditional Om Namo chant, ringing of the bells, and warm-up movements. Teaching is devoted to clear, thorough demonstrations, with the students being led through the techniques with the instructor's supervision. Lots of multi-discipline teaching and hands-on aids. Each class includes a workbook. Videos are available for sale.

Day of More Moves

For therapists already familiar with a basic thai massage routine. Enjoy a day at the Jersey shore before the crowds come and experience some great thai massage instruction at the same time.

This class covers different material each time it is taught by focusing on a specific series or addressing a specific part of the body. We will show you a variety of stretches and techniques from advanced protocols and variations from different styles of thai massage to expand and invigorate your practice. Emphasis is on good body mechanics and adaptations to use with different clients. This is a fun loose class with time to explore techniques with other experienced therapists.