SUNDAY ONLY, STUDENT half-day special- Thai Massage Gathering April 7, 2019

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SUNDAY ONLY, STUDENT half-day special- Thai Massage Gathering April 7, 2019


This is a special rate for Al Turner's students to attend and observe for part of the day on Sunday April 7, from 9am to the 5:30pm dinner break. No CEs are awarded.

The Preliminary Schedule below is subject to change. You will receive an email closer to the event date with the most accurate schedule, but because of the nature of the event, there may be last minute changes.

Please plan to arrive at least 10 minutes before the 9am start.

APRIL 7, 2019, SUNDAY: 9am-5:30pm

9-9:15am: WAI KHRU, paying respect

9:30-10:15am: MORNING MOVEMENT, Reusi Dat Ton with Gregory Oed Reusi dat ton is the yoga that preceded the development of Nuad Boran Thai massage. These exercises will help the Thai massage practitioner with self-care. Exploring the Masculine and Feminine in Thai Hermit's Yoga” With discussion, movement, and breath, we'll explore together the different influences and interpretations of what is masculine and what is feminine within reusi dat ton 'thai hermit's yoga'.

10:30am-12pm: SESSION ONE: with Pierce Salguero, PhD, continues from Saturday. "Is Your Practice of Thai Massage/Medicine an Art, a Science… or a Religion?” North Americans casually refer to the “art of massage” or the “traditional medical science,” but what do they mean by this? Are “art” and “science” accurate terms? At what point does a traditional medicine practice start more closely to resemble a religion? This presentation will explore these controversial ideas, and why they matter crucially to the future of TTM in the West." Alternately on the schedule with Pierce: ”What is the Place for Women in Buddhism? Far from promoting an egalitarian ethos, Buddhism historically has contributed to the subjugation and denigration of women. With male domination being the norm in virtually all Buddhist cultures, these attitudes have only recently been challenged (often unsuccessfully) by Asian and Western practitioners. In the wake of #metoo and a series of recent sex scandals involving major Buddhist teachers, this presentation will lay bare the biases inherent in the Buddhist tradition, and ask what this all might mean for practitioners of TTM in North America.”

LUNCH break on your own: 12-2pm

2-3pm: SESSION TWO: with Nephyr Jacobsen of the Naga Center in Portland Oregon. ”The Feminine in Thai Medicine: From Menarche to Menopause” * This description uses words such as “women” and “feminine”. Please note that it is understood that these labels are not applicable to all humans with uteruses and vaginas, and that there are many lovely humans who do not have uteruses and vaginas yet do identify as “woman” or “feminine” and may experience many of the physical and hormonal conditions that are discussed in this lecture. All are welcome here from cis men and women to trans men and women to non-binary folks. 
This presentation will take a broad look at the feminine in Thai medicine, examining the traditional roles of women in Thai medicine, the female spiritual in Thai medicine, and traditional care practices related to reproductive health and general women’s health as well as pregnancy, birth, and postpartum practices. Examples of herbal therapies and bodywork customs will be given for conditions such as menstrual cramping, pregnancy nausea, uterine prolapse and more. 

3-4pm: SESSION THREE: Rose Griscom will foster an interactive session for small groups to develop specific teaching and communication tools for our TTM practice (such as ways to recognize and respond skillfully to inappropriate gender dynamics, sexual boundaries, unconscious bias, and other topics of interest to attendees).

4-5:30pm: Open Mat Practice A chance to practice and trade new and old thai massage techniques, with supervision and assistance from ‘roving helpers’.


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